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“Se abre la veda” (Season is open) Exhibition in the University of Burgos

“Se abre la veda” (Season is open) Exhibition in the University of Burgos

“Se abre la veda” (Season is open) is a poem/object exhibition over canvas intended to reach and approach to “Bestiario con enseres” (Bestiary with tools), a project I have been working on for months and that, for sure, with time will grow bigger in number of samples.

This “Expository Bestiary” originates at that seed of magical thought of the countryside men; of those former families surrounded by friendly beasts which they worked with, and of those wild animals who wandered meadows, forests and vegetable patches, which they were scared of.

This exhibition offers a trip to a special world view of author, but is also open to the spectator’s look where domestic objects become beings through the sleight of hand and the pictorial matter. The fascination and the admiration for dignity of old tools and belongings, in addition to a naturalistic vision “like the one of old researchers like Plinio, Linneo…” end up creating a little world, not only preferred object of the observation, but also paradigm of good and evil.


El hombre-serrucho como paradigma del ser industrial ante la materia.

The hand-saw man as paradigm of the industrial being over matter



Un Pez-Rastrillo, un animal ficticio perteneciente a la dicotomía del ser agrícola o industrial, un lienzo de colección particular prestado para la exposición. Al lado un poema-homenaje al relato machadiano “La Tierra de Alvargonzález”

The rake fish, a fictitious animal part of the agricultural/industrial dichotomy. A canvas part of a private collection borrowed for this exhibition. Next to it, a poem tribute to Machado’s tale “La Tierra de Alvargonzález” (Alvargonzalez Land).


Piedras voladoras – Piedras que cambian de lugar según la calidad del terreno y la prosperidad del territorio.

Flying stones – Stones that change place depending on the quality of the terrain and the prosperity of the territory.


sld04 copia

Interruptor para no apagar nunca – poema-objeto con huesos de roedor

Never-turning-off switch – poem/object with rodent’s bones.