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Collective exhibition “Los Principios del Arte” (The Origins of Art)

Obra seleccionada por su particularidad creativa

As part of the creative framework of the Madrilenian district Moncloa-Aravaca, the exhibition “Los Principios del Arte” (The Origins of Art) took place in order to introduce the first steps of eight emerging local artists.

In the quest for their own plastic language experimental work was requested. Curiously, it is anecdotal the fact that in addition to the artwork that was officially presented an additional piece was requested as an attempt to foresee the next steps of the artist. After seeing it displayed at Marcos Mesa’s website the Organizing Committee requested it.

We are referring to the pictorial collage named “Ducha de latas” (Shower of Cans) which would set trends for the next seven years of the artist’s visual poetry with objects over canvas artwork. This painting became part of Marcos’ work at the University of Barcelona




Exposición Los Principios del Arte

Exposición Los Principios del Arte



Collective Exhibition: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

To celebrate the ending of  course 2008 at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid a collective art exhibition took place with recent works of students in several artistic disciplines.

Exposición Universidad BBAA Complutense



Poems over canvas

Poems over canvas are pictorial pieces belonging to the genre of visual poetry and poem/objects whose forefather was Joan Brossa. Marcos Mesa experiments in depth with visual poetry through the use of tools and by adding pictorial techniques of diverse nature which are characterized by an ancient and primitive spirit.

Hombre sillín

Mantis – 100 x 65cm Mixta y ensamblaje sobre madera

Mantis – 100 x 65 cm. Mixed technique and assembly over wood.

Ducha de latas

Ducha de latas – 100 X 81cm- Mixta y collage sobre madera- Col. Particular

Shower of cans – 100 x 81 cm. Mixed technique and collage over wood. Private collection.

Sin Título

Ave del campo – 100 x 100 cm Técnica mixta y ensamblaje de objetos sobre madera-Colección particular

Countryside bird – 100 x 100 cm. Mixed technique and assembly over wood. Private collection.

Flor de planchas

Flor doméstica – 123 x 81 cm – mixta y ensamblaje sobre madera

Domestic flower – 123 x 81 cm. Mixed technique and assembly over wood.

El abrazo

El abrazo – 20 x 30 cm Pintura y collage de púas sobre papel

The hug – 20 x 30 cm. Painting and spike collage over paper.


señoras que conversan

Señoras que conversan – Escultura de plomo y objetos – Colección Particular

Talking ladies – Sculpture in lead and objects. Private collection.

Melodía alada

Melodía alada – 81 x 100 cm Mixta y ensamblaje- Col. particular

Winged melody – 81 x 100 cm. Mixed technique and assembly. Private collection.


Cuervo de madera – 55 x 33 cm pintura y collage sobre piel de cordero Colección particular

Wooden crow – 55 x 33 cm. Painting and collage over lamb skin. Private collection.




Limo rojo – 100 x 207 cm Técnica mixta sobre tela Col. Particular

Red silt- 100 x 207 cm Mixed technique on canvas – Private collection.

camino para los hombres

camino para los hombres – 81 x 63 cm Acrílico y óleo sobre tela

Path for the humans– 81 x 63 cm – Oil and acrylic on canvas – Private collection.


La puerta – 56 x 44 cm – Cuadro-armario- Mixta Col. Particular

The door – 56 x 44 cm – Mixed technique on canvas – Private collection.

Sin Título

Red abstraction – 81 x 130 cm Mixed technique on canvas – Private Collection


Red Guitar – 81 x 120cm Graphite, oil and black ink on canvas


No tittle – 130 x 100cm Mixed Techniqueon canvas – Private Colection


pez decapitado o la vision de san pablo

Elegy to John Donne 100 x 139 cm – Acrylic and Oil on canvas


Closed Hearth – 81 x 120 cm – Mixed Technique on canvas

pintura marrón

Burned tarpaulin – Mixed technic on tarpaulin – Private Colection