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Muestra colectiva

Collective exhibition “Vieiros”

Colective Exhibition of Visual Poetry – Centro EVD Galicia de Mos





Collective exhibition “Los Principios del Arte” (The Origins of Art)

Obra seleccionada por su particularidad creativa

As part of the creative framework of the Madrilenian district Moncloa-Aravaca, the exhibition “Los Principios del Arte” (The Origins of Art) took place in order to introduce the first steps of eight emerging local artists.

In the quest for their own plastic language experimental work was requested. Curiously, it is anecdotal the fact that in addition to the artwork that was officially presented an additional piece was requested as an attempt to foresee the next steps of the artist. After seeing it displayed at Marcos Mesa’s website the Organizing Committee requested it.

We are referring to the pictorial collage named “Ducha de latas” (Shower of Cans) which would set trends for the next seven years of the artist’s visual poetry with objects over canvas artwork. This painting became part of Marcos’ work at the University of Barcelona




Exposición Los Principios del Arte

Exposición Los Principios del Arte



Collective exhibition: Galería Paspartú de Barcelona

During the photographic creative process with tools, a successful exhibition took place at Paspartú Gallery – Verdi Street- in Barcelona.




Exhibition in the Sala Jove of Barcelona

Flyer máquinas no perfectas

All along my days in Barcelona, and with professional training in a photo laboratory named Ribocolor –devoted to marketing/commercial photography and photography studio, I put down the pencils and ink to work with studio-quality analog photography. As a result of photographic experimentation and the acquisition of an enlarger for my own personal domestic lab, my first photo-based project was born: “Kippel – Máquinas no perfectas” (Kippel – Imperfect Machines).

“Kippel – Máquinas no perfectas” constituted a photography exhibition in the Sala Jove of the Generalitat. The project was inspired by the idea of future worlds inside the universe of the novel “¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas?” (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ) by Philip K. Dick. “Kippel”, as per the author, describes how small objects of the human society invade household drawers to the point they fill houses with small objects of unknown use. It is with this theory in mind that I start using small objects in photographic compositions as part of the creative process and experimentation.

These images constitute a series of portraits of fictional mechanic beings with human-type imperfections. These series of 15 photographs would give birth to a creative process from which other photography-based projects and visual poetry poem/objects will emerge.


Revista Belio 1

Algunas de las fotografías se divulgaron en revistas creativas: Revista Belio de Madrid y Barcelona

Revista Belio 2



Collective Exhibition: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

To celebrate the ending of  course 2008 at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid a collective art exhibition took place with recent works of students in several artistic disciplines.

Exposición Universidad BBAA Complutense



“In Context” Itineraries. Metal Poems.

Exposición Café Aguardiente

“En Contexto” (In Context) is part of an expository project taking place in some leisure venues of Madrid. The goal is to introduce samples of visual poetry with objects in photo format. As part of the conceptual and decorative duality aimed here series of big and small sized pieces of artwork have been requested, depending on the space available in these venues. So far exhibitions have taken place in Lavapiés, La Latina, Huertas and Malasaña, and in venues like “el Aguardiente”, “La Corolla”, “La Caracola”, “la Piola”, etc.

Metal Poems

These samples are part of the expository series “Metal Poems”: a series of compositions made of metallic tools and belongings with metal background, where light plays an essential role in the process of decontextualisation or construction of this sort of sceneries of still life. These “visual poems with objects”, contrary to the graphic visual poetry, consist of a main poem/object which in this case is presented in photographic format. These are series of photos with objects as main elements of the composition.

These objects are decontextualized depending on their own nature, and aim for some complicity with the observer, who has to follow them beyond this visual game.



Columna en Calle 20

Columna en la revista Cultural Calle 20 Madrid con las exposiciones en las zonas de Madrid

Café Aguardiente

Proyecto En Contexto






Exhibition in the old Archbishop’s Palace of Arcos de la Llana

This exhibition took place over walls full of history, in the old Archbishop’s Palace of Arcos de la Llana, today managed by private hands. This artistic event aims to complement a gastronomic celebration. The Palace’s walls still show the original paint coating: a chromatic splendor full of aura, which in addition to the texture produced by the maintenance performed by the successive owners, make this place very special and appropriate for an exhibition of informal paintings. The spacious halls with their unique lightning and its deep silence turn this visit into a trip full of quiet chromatic reflection.

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos

Exposición Antiguo Palacio Arcos


Artistic room in Miranda de Ebro

Within the communal living framework of the Artistic Workshop of Miranda de Ebro, and the Fernán González Youth Hostel of Miranda de Ebro, a place for artistic creation with tactile vocation took place and led into the project “Painting and Touch” that materialized in an exhibition in the city.

“Painting and Touch” was brought to life as a pictorial exhibition with materials in relief and texture for them to be touched by the audience, and thus break the barriers where artwork is kept distant from the spectator. In an attempt to reach further interaction, ten years later this goal would materialize in an exhibition where closer interaction with the audience became possible.


Taller 2

Exposición Miranda

Exposición Miranda




“Doble Espacio” (Double Space) Exhibition in the Museum of the Book of Burgos

Arqueología poéticaMarcos Mesa’s new visual-poetry exhibition (in photography format) is named “Poetic Archaeology”. This is an initiative, named “Doble Espacio” (Double Space), from the Museum of the Book “Fadrique de Basilea” of Burgos, consists of completing empty spaces of the museum with little micro-exhibitions from local artists. “Poetic Archaeology” is a sample of several pictures over aluminum and methacrylate; compositions made of “found” objects of metallic nature. This exhibition is an extension of the project “Metal Poems” which consists of poem/object photographs.

Marcos Mesa is a Fine Arts Graduate and Master in Graphic Design for Publishing applications, with specialization in Art Direction. His early steps in object photography took place in Barcelona, which led him to work for several years on commercial catalogue photography in a local studio devoted to industrial design.

Visual poetry is an artistic genre with Joan Brossa as forefather, though its origins could be traced back to earlier artistic movements like the Vanguardias, the Dadaism, and the Surrealism. Basically, it is based on the sleight of hand or the visual metaphor. Nowadays it is very common to find visual poems almost anywhere associated to the advertising industry.


“Willkommen” Exhibition in “Cervantes” Library

Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 1


“Willkommen” is a painting/photography mixed exhibition which combines the visual poetry with objects over photography and canvas. The closing ceremony of the event included the participation of other artists, Emilio and Luis Lizcaino’s electronic sounds joining poems of Roberto Domínguez, Belin Castro, Pablo del Río and the performance of Javier Moradillo.

This event is characterized by a critic approach, a delegalization of the politic and economic drift the European Union is going through, and its budgetary and financial control over weaker countries like Spain.


Asphodelus – Pintura y cenizas sobre puerta metálica de caseta de obras quemada. La obra es un elogio a la victoria vecinal de las vecinas/os de Gamonal sobre los intereses de la corrupción.

Asphodelus – Painting and ash over a booth’s burned metallic door. This artwork is praise to the victory of the residents of Gamonal over the interests of corruption elites.


 Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 2

Poema-objeto fotografiado – metáfora de un sistema económico que causa la autodestrucción

Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 3

Obra realizada con pintura de base de hidrocarburo