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“Willkommen” Exhibition in “Cervantes” Library

“Willkommen” Exhibition in “Cervantes” Library

Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 1


“Willkommen” is a painting/photography mixed exhibition which combines the visual poetry with objects over photography and canvas. The closing ceremony of the event included the participation of other artists, Emilio and Luis Lizcaino’s electronic sounds joining poems of Roberto Domínguez, Belin Castro, Pablo del Río and the performance of Javier Moradillo.

This event is characterized by a critic approach, a delegalization of the politic and economic drift the European Union is going through, and its budgetary and financial control over weaker countries like Spain.


Asphodelus – Pintura y cenizas sobre puerta metálica de caseta de obras quemada. La obra es un elogio a la victoria vecinal de las vecinas/os de Gamonal sobre los intereses de la corrupción.

Asphodelus – Painting and ash over a booth’s burned metallic door. This artwork is praise to the victory of the residents of Gamonal over the interests of corruption elites.


 Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 2

Poema-objeto fotografiado – metáfora de un sistema económico que causa la autodestrucción

Exposición Willkommen en Biblioteca Cervantes 3

Obra realizada con pintura de base de hidrocarburo


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