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Taller de artista

Artistic room in Miranda de Ebro

Within the communal living framework of the Artistic Workshop of Miranda de Ebro, and the Fernán González Youth Hostel of Miranda de Ebro, a place for artistic creation with tactile vocation took place and led into the project “Painting and Touch” that materialized in an exhibition in the city.

“Painting and Touch” was brought to life as a pictorial exhibition with materials in relief and texture for them to be touched by the audience, and thus break the barriers where artwork is kept distant from the spectator. In an attempt to reach further interaction, ten years later this goal would materialize in an exhibition where closer interaction with the audience became possible.


Taller 2

Exposición Miranda

Exposición Miranda




Photographs of the artist studio

Escultura para ilustración

Aparentemente ordenado.

Aparentemente ordenado

Un nuevo cuadro



balda de materiales

Experimento visual


Sala de pintura

pequeño almacén

Taller de pintura