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“In Context” Itineraries. Metal Poems.

“In Context” Itineraries. Metal Poems.

Exposición Café Aguardiente

“En Contexto” (In Context) is part of an expository project taking place in some leisure venues of Madrid. The goal is to introduce samples of visual poetry with objects in photo format. As part of the conceptual and decorative duality aimed here series of big and small sized pieces of artwork have been requested, depending on the space available in these venues. So far exhibitions have taken place in Lavapiés, La Latina, Huertas and Malasaña, and in venues like “el Aguardiente”, “La Corolla”, “La Caracola”, “la Piola”, etc.

Metal Poems

These samples are part of the expository series “Metal Poems”: a series of compositions made of metallic tools and belongings with metal background, where light plays an essential role in the process of decontextualisation or construction of this sort of sceneries of still life. These “visual poems with objects”, contrary to the graphic visual poetry, consist of a main poem/object which in this case is presented in photographic format. These are series of photos with objects as main elements of the composition.

These objects are decontextualized depending on their own nature, and aim for some complicity with the observer, who has to follow them beyond this visual game.



Columna en Calle 20

Columna en la revista Cultural Calle 20 Madrid con las exposiciones en las zonas de Madrid

Café Aguardiente

Proyecto En Contexto






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