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“Seres” (Beings) Shortfilm.


“Seres” (Beings) Shortfilm.

Under the stillness of the house, interrupted only by the falling drops of a capricious tap that never close, some beings remain motionless and unnoticed to humans. When nobody is watching, when the place is unoccupied, some of them spread their biologic realm in which is their domestic territory.

“Entertainiment”: The beings Marcos Mesa believes in, and brings to life for the rest of us, seem to want to tell us something. They are present, with all their poetry and meaning.

We had to capture the stealth and stiffness of these beings, and to add the sound track to the story in the video.

Without a particular sound in mind we imagined the music that accompanies the daily nature of the tap, the closet, or the protagonist rug.

The singing of the birds seems to have reached the synthetic being, capable of looking for nourishment in the backyard of the household.

Everything seems to fall in place in order to set the quietness of the passage of time.



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