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Talking tarpaulins

Talking tarpaulins

The first piece of this experiment is constituted by a series of photographs shot among bushes in the forest, with images worn out by water and the effect of natural weathering. The resulting images are a series of abstractions of diverse tonalities which remind of scenery or territory seen from the sky.

We are referring to a pictorial project still in progress, resulting from the quest of objects in order to create plastic compositions. These are a series of tarpaulins formatted to canvas which make a series of landscapes through the modeling of its shape and composition. This sort of surfaces, which reveal the erosion and the passage of time, have been found in diverse locations and circumstances.

fotografías entornos

Fotografías en color encontradas – Girona


lona quemada

Lona de una roulotte abandonada y quemada en un pajar. Girona


lona amarilla

Lona amarilla. Burgos


lona con números

Lona de camión. Burgos


tres birretes

Lona con birretes. Barcelona


lona intervenida

Lona intervenida con composición pictórica